Dry Eye Evaluation/TReatment

Many people experience dry eyes due to various factors, including environment, aging and contact lens wear. Due to the various causes of dry eye, an eye exam is necessary to assess the root cause, in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan to improve symptoms.

Common symptoms of dry eye include:

  • gritty/sandy feeling

  • itching

  • excessive tearing

  • burning sensation

  • red eye/eyelids

  • blurred vision

  • flakes and other/or debris on the eyelashes/eyelids


Are artificial tears the only treatment for dry eye symptoms?

Artificial tears are moisture drops instilled in the eyes multiple times each day to provide temporary relief of mild to moderate dry eye symptoms. While artificial tears ease symptoms of dryness, it is not the only treatment for dry eye symptoms. Depending on the grade of dry eye, there are other treatments of dry eye that can provide longer-lasting dry eye relief. Please speak to your optometrist for recommendations for a complete dry eye treatment plan.  


Preservative-Free vs. Artificial Tears with Preservative

Artificial tears come in many varieties. One of the large distinctions is artificial tears with and without preservative. Preservatives in some artificial tear formulations can cause more irritation than relief. Preservative-free artificial tears may be a more effective choice. Please consult your optometrist regarding dry eye evaluation and treatment.