Eye Glass Lenses

Eye Glasses are commonly worn by many people around the world for enhancing clarity of vision for distance, near or both. 

We have partnered with Hoya and Nikon, world leaders in eyeglass technology and manufacturing to provide our patients with excellent clarity and visual comfort in lenses that withstand life's toughest challenges.

Hoya is known for the quality of its eye glass coatings. Although glass was traditionally used to make eye glasses, due to its excellent scratch resistance, it is not the material of choice anymore, since it is heavy and thick. Now, plastic of varying indices are used to create thin and light glasses. As plastic is naturally less scratch proof than glass, eyeglass manufacturers have had to evolve and create coatings that withstand wear and tear. Hoya is known for making incredibly tough coatings, some even surpass the anti-scratch ability of glass. 

Nikon on the other-hand is known for innovation and its ever-evolving technology. It is best known for making high quality high definition camera lenses for photography. With years of experience in the industry, they have used this experience and innovation to push the barrier of eyeglass technologies, coming out with the first-ever selective blue-light blocking lenses (See Coat Blue and See Coat Blue Premium) to block blue light emitted from digital devices that cause eye fatigue and eye strain, and now See Coat Bright, which enhances colour perception and contrast. 


Eye glass Frames

We offer a wide variety of well built frames for patients of all ages. We have designer frames from some of the most recognizable brands, as well as frame lines from different parts of the world including Italy, and some that are made in Ontario. We also have an excellent selection of frames for children and youth that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. 


Please visit us today for an eye examination and/or a consultation with our optical staff to learn more about our lenses, frames and sunglasses.