Eye Glass Dispensary/Optical Services


Eye Glass frames selection:

  • Our staff will provide expert advice on frame selection based on:

    • appropriate size and fit for optimal visual function/clarity and comfort.

    • appearance of eye glass frames based on size and colour.

Sunglass frames selection:

  • Our staff will provide expert advice on appropriate Sunglasses including importance of:

    • Polarized vS. non-polarized,

    • impact resistance vS. non-impact resistance

    • wrap angle design of sunglasses vS. less wrap

    • grade of singlass lens tint for optimal visual function.

Customized Eye Glass Lens Packages:

  • Our staff will use the optometrist’s recommendations and put together lens package that is suitable to your vision health needs. We will discuss:

    • design of lens

    • material of lens, specific to your eye glass prescription. Material of the lens dictates the weight, thickness and impact resistance of your lenses.

    • Grade of anti-reflective coating and scratching coating

    • blue light coating and other specialized coatings.

    • UV protection

Customized Prescription Lens Packages

Eye Glass Fitting And Measurements

Complimentary Frame Adjustments For Patients

Eye Glass Repairs - including nose pad replacement